April 3, 2023
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If earlier Beeline and Smarts were the leaders among SMS mailing operators. Now the market has been greatly altere and you nee to choose an operator that really provides optimal conditions. In fact. it is still possible to make mailings from one operator to the network of another operator. Without the name of the sender and instead of it. SMS comes from the phone number of the network from which the message was sent. However. this is not very convenient.

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Sending SMS without a name is not suitable for everyone. But this is the cheapest way to send messages. The price for such services varies around kopecks. The cheapest shipment via direct channels now costs around kopecks. which is about times more Cameroon Email List expensive. Therefore. if you do not nee the name of the sender to contain the name of your company in Latin. you can use a cheaper method of sending send SMS without a header. You can consult on both methods of mailing by leaving a request our managers will contact you within hours and tell you about all the pros and cons of both methods of sending messages.

Country Email List

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Recently services have become fashionable when government agencies notify residents of their country using SMS. Nowadays. the traffic police often sends SMS to violators about fines. as well as the possibilities to pay them. and reminders. In BM Leads addition. the service is already widespread in the same traffic police. when you register a car. remove it from it. or carry out some other actions. In order not to stand in an endlessly long queue. the traffic police sends SMS in half an hour that your turn has come up and this creates great comfort for traffic police customers. they can correctly allocate their time and drive up at the right time so as not to stand in a grueling queue for a long time.

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