April 3, 2023
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To Protection From Spam And Advertising

The price for direct connection with a volume of thousand SMS month under the contract Digital channel. The price of SMS is kopecks. Kopeck Instead of kopecks kop. Kopecks Instead of and more kopecks kopecks However. There is good news as well. With new prices comes new quality Already. Delivery through digital channels has risen to. Average delivery on MTS Megafon Tele Rostelecom Beeline. This month you will receive a convenient mobile application for Android smartphones.

The Operator Has Agree

Many customers are very afraid of the entry of a new communication law on October Yes. This law will indee come into force. but little will change. There is no reason to panic October Megafon introduces new rules for sending SMS . The essence of the rules. the client will work directly with the operator. almost bypassing the aggregator Previously it worke Haiti Email List like this. Megafon Subsidiary of Megalabs Large aggregator buys a large SMS package at the lowest priceSmaller aggregator Client The cost for the client came out in the region of kopecks. Now work with the operator is built like this. Megaphone Large aggregatorClient The final cost will be kopecks. for SMS. The advertiser directly enters into an agreement with Megafon. pays for SMS mailings to the operator.

Country Email List

All This Should Not Be An Obstacle

The aggregator receives a commission of up to for meiation. there are names of senders for each contract. and only from them you can send mailings. Welcome to the world of bureaucracy and high prices It is our duty to help our customers avoid these problems BM Leads We offer you to choose the sender names from the pool agree with the operator. By sending SMS with these names. you. Reuce the cost of your SMS bybelow the price list Get rid of unnecessary constant document flow You will be able to pay according to the old scheme via electronic money event ea taxi bank travel shop sale sport club avto info These names will collect all traffic. This will cut costs and eliminate paperwork.

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