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SEO specialists began to place reoptimize texts on websites. Which reache the socalle delusional texts in content but were in the TOP. Read more here Yandex Blog . Backlinks have become another primary ranking factor for search engines. The bottom line is this the more sites link to a page for a particular query the higher it is in the search results. Then the competition began on the budget allocate for this. To promote the site in the TOP optimizers analyze the link mass of competitors and bought more links to their own.

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To stay in the top ten the reference mass had to be constantly increase. In general the content of web resources was not taken care of because they were looking for as many sites as possible where they could buy links better and cheaper. As a result search Great Britain Email List engine developers came to the conclusion that it is advisable to offer people to evaluate a site that is in the TOP. The institute of assessors was create. These are specialists whose task is to determine the compliance of the document with the request. They receive a request and a link to the page and in return they rate it according to a certain metric.

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Thanks to the accumulate statistics the search algorithm learns itself and finds common features of highquality sites according to which the ranking is carrie out. To date search algorithms have move to the next stage. To evaluate how useful a web resource BM Leads is a behavioral factor was introduce. For your site to be in the TOP visitors now vote. It became important to keep them on the page through a quality product or service offer. Detaile information which involves the site. For this you nee Create highquality content product photos video reviews.

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