April 3, 2023
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join contact write learn more go. Recording with a button Universal entrya post with a photo video audio product survey map mark. Universal notation Application collection is an advertising format that can be use to get contacts of leads. But you nee to quickly process the application otherwise the person. Will forget inminutes that he was intereste in the advertise product or service. You can also try new ad formats in the VKontakte advertising accountads in stories and site ads. Only with the help of the test you can understand.

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What works for your business and what is not worth spending time and advertising budget on. Posting links and reposts in Vkontakte communities where your target audience is There are two ways. Agree directly with the administrator of the group on the placement of your repost or advertising post with a link. Market platform VKontakte. The platform Netherlands Email List itself selects the communities suitable for you for placement. market platform VK Community Analytics You can analyze the effectiveness of the methods use to promote VKontakte in the Community Statistics. Community Statistics It is necessary to focus on the following indicators.

Country Email List

Team Proudly Presente An Update

Number of participants number and growth of the audience droppe out participants their geography and demographic characteristics. attendance per day. coverage. views. activity likes comments reposts. When using paid community promotionyou track BM Leads the following indicators. advertising budget. the cost of circulation. cost of a new subscriber. ad click cost. the cost of a new subscriber from advertising. Communicating with customers and selling to community members Also when promoting and maintaining the VKontakte community do not forget about communication with the audience prompt answers to questions about goods or services. In order not to miss messages from buyers you can set up a bot that will notify you of events taking place in the community.

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