April 3, 2023
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Sometimes mailing customers preferre to compensate for their costs by transferring part of them to subscribers. So. some banks began to take from their customers a monthly fee of up to rubles. for providing information forwarding service via SMS. Firms through which the newsletters were carrie out did not spend anything on contracts with cellular operators. as a result. this le to dumping. In turn. this le to an increase in spam mailings. because now it was possible to send millions of spam messages. Subpartners who receive funds from customers intereste in advertising or information mailing made a lot of money by arranging the purchase of SMS mailings at a reuce cost from black and gray aggregators.

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At the same time. there was no nee to conclude contracts with a mobile operator. Direct participants of SMS mailings Json Partners Consulting specialists divide all participants into the following types. gray aggregators. black aggregators and official Finland Email List aggregators. To understand the difference. we nee to take a closer look at the activities of each. official aggregators. These are registere mobile operators who have the right to send SMS information. In addition. this includes their legal partners acting on the basis of contracts.

Country Email List

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The advantage of this category is that all its members have the opportunity to receive a huge number of SMS mailings. The average price of SMS ranges from . to . rubles. it all depends on the number of mailings. The price of an SMS message unit BM Leads is forme base on which operator serves the recipient of the information. The price difference is quite noticeable. from . rubles. to local numbers and subject to large volumes. up to . rubles. with a small volume of sendings to the numbers of popular operators. Gray aggregators include subpartners operators who. unlike official operators. send illegal and inconsistent messages.

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