February 28, 2024
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Tooth color scale: how to know if your teeth are healthy

Is there an ideal tooth color for everyone? Is there a tooth color scale? Life on has been influencing our perception of aesthetics for some time and increasingly, super white smiles are being promote as a standard of beauty. Therefore, the search for aesthetic dental procedures has increase within the dental market. After all, through them it is possible to modify the color and shape of the teeth, changing the patient’s aesthetic perception. But it’s important to know that permanent teeth are naturally more yellow than baby teeth. This is because the dentin thickness in these teeth is greater, and as a result it tends to have a slightly more yellowish color, especially in the canines, the famous.

Tooth color scale: how to know if your teeth are healthy

When the patient complains of wanting to have a brighter smile, the dentist tends to work with 4 color gradations: brown yellow grayish; reddish gray. However, white is almost never consider a natural color for a smile. Even in whitening Hong Kong Telegram Number Data procedures, we seek a lighter tone than the patient presents, however, the patient’s own natural and initial color must be respect, as it will not always be possible to achieve the tone they dream of, but the palpable tone.

What is the ideal color of a healthy tooth?

As we have already discuss in this article, there is no standard color for all teeth that is consider ideal or correct, much less the healthiest. What exists is the analysis of the whole, as some people may have all their teeth darkened, but without any South Africa Telegram Number dental disease, while others may have a super white smile, however, one of the teeth is darkened and this could mean a problem. What is important to know is that in the same way that each fingerprint changes from one person to another, the exact color of each human smile also varies a lot, and that this is natural.

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