February 28, 2024
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Topic Cluster: content structure for SEO

Topic Cluster is the current digital marketing bet to generate traffic and relevance to internet pages. It is a way of organizing all the content on a page into conglomerates (clusters) and branching them with the aim of guiding the Google algorithm . Did it seem complicate? It’s not, and we’ll show you how to do it below. Keep reading and enjoy learning.If the theme (keyword) of the pillar page is “website” , the referring pages could be “ ux design ”, “front end”, “responsive layout”, “traffic boost” and others. Reference pages link directly to the pillar page.

What is Topic Cluster?

Topic Cluster is a strategy for organizing content into large themes of relevance to a business. Using an analogy, we can think of an organizational chart with a hierarchy of pages , all interconnect, forming part of a large department that Greece Telegram Number Data deals with a single topic and its subtopics. In a content marketing strategy, it serves to link all thematic pages of a website or blog , for example. From a key theme, all other relate themes are link to it. And what is it for? In addition to showing a tree of content and generating ideas. Topic Cluster is a response to changes in Google’s algorithm. Giving good guidance so that the robot understands the relevance of pages and drives traffic to them.

How it works in practice

A blog is a magnet for attracting visitors to a business. Your relevant content is very useful and captivating for people who are looking to solve their problems. And this can be done with Topic Clusters. See how Russia Telegram Number it works . You need to think about pages on two levels : Pillar Page – as the name suggests, it is the page that has the content that supports the entire cluster. It is the main strategy, with general content on the topic. This is what we call Epic Content, easily recognizable by the persona and a gateway for everyone else connect to it. Reference pages – these are the clusters, the clusters of content branching from the pillar page.

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