February 28, 2024
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We evaluate the XRE version of the new Toyota Corolla Cross, with a 2.0l engine of 177 and a CVT with 10 virtual gears By: Alexandre Akashi Presented in 2021 to the Brazilian market, the Corolla Cross medium urban SUV was Toyota’s big launch last year. Available with two types of engines, hybrid flex and internal combustion, the Corolla Cross shares a platform with the sedan, but there are differences far beyond the silhouette. The first and most sensitive to most consumers is the price. The SUV starts at R$161,990, while the sedan starts at R$148,290. The top-of-the-line Hybrid version of the sedan costs R$187,190, while the SUV, called XRX Hybrid, costs R$204,329. It’s almost R$20,000 more to ride.


Sometimes the car has some ungrateful defects. Out of nowhere, it loses power and a light comes on on the dashboard . The driver stops, turns off the engine, starts again and the fault disappears, the light goes out. It works normally for two, three days, and thenĀ Oman Telegram Number Data suddenly, it happens again. This is an example of an intermittent defect, which only occurs from time to time in very specific situations. When the car starts to present this type of problem, the driver finds himself in a complicated situation, as confidence in the vehicle is lost. After all, at any time it could go bad again, and who guarantees that it will go back to normal right away, just by turning it off and on again? When taking the car to the workshop, no defects are detected by the automotive diagnostic device, the scanner.


Acronym in English for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, ADAS is a set of technologies that assists the driver in driving the vehicle, with the aim of making it autonomous, that is, independent of human action. With the evolution of systems, in the future it will Kenya Telegram Number only be necessary to inform the destination location and the car will take you there. Currently, the most modern vehicles feature ADAS level 2 on a scale of 0 to 5, where 5 means a fully autonomous car. Level 0 is without automation, however it has equipment that provides information to the driver, such as parking sensors, traffic sign recognition, blind spot sensors, rear cross traffic alert, night vision, and forward collision alert

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