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During this period, you can answer questions and resolve objections from candidates during the selection process. Where to start a communication strategy with candidates? Now, let’s help you take the first steps towards a communication strategy with candidate people. All ready? Let’s go! 1. Purpose First of all, define the purpose of your communication with candidates. Is the goal to generate more engagement in the stages? Or maybe get more job applicants and improve the application rate.

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To understand if your communication strategy is having an effect, it is necessary that an objective is defin right at the Tunisia B2B List beginning. 2. itorial line Keeping the objective in mind also helps to better target communication campaigns. In this way, it will be simpler to define which topics will be address in the itorial line of the contents. 3. Choice of channels What channels will you communicate with candidates? Social mia is often a good option for broad reach, generating awareness and interest in applicants.

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On the other hand, e-mail communication enables a more direct, target and constant exchange of information. 4. Formats Also BM Leads think about which content formats you should invest in. Videos, texts, audio? Lives on Instagram or static carousel posts? Learn about the possibilities and understand which of the formats your audience is most engag with and is most interest in. 5. Measurement Finally, measure indicators and metrics to validate whether your communication strategy is working.

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