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Termination The relationship between the intern and the company can be terminat by either party. In addition, a justification for dismissal is not necessary, even if prior notice is compli with, and they will not incur fines in the event of dismissal . However, the company must be attentive and respect the rights of the intern. In the event of non-compliance with any of the rules impos by the Internship Law, the student’s contract with the company becomes an employment relationship.

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The relationship will be govern by the CLT. new call to action What is the difference between hir and intern? The big difference between an employee and an intern is that the hir person is guid by the CLT, and the intern is govern CANADA B2B List by That said, we can list the main differences: hiring — while a hir employee is register in the portfolio, the intern signs an agreement with the company and the ucational institution; working hours — it is common for a hir employee to work up to 44 hours a week, however, the internship has a smaller workload, ranging from 20 to 30 hours a week.

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Salary  remuneration is the right of the hir professional, with a floor determin by law and revis annually. The intern’s payment is BM Leads call an internship grant, and the amount may vary according to the company; 13th salary, FGTS and INSS — these are some basic rights of workers under the CLT regime, while interns do not have these rights guarante. What is the difference between high school and higher ucation intern? There are some differences between interns who are in high school and interns who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in higher ucation.

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