March 22, 2023
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Terminal Server Disadvantages There are fewer of them than advantages but the technology has disadvantages Due to the fact that all users actually work on the same PC settings configuration errors licensing settings failure or server failure affect all users. For example the failure of one session is immeiately the failure of the entire network. Some programs do not allow multiple users to work on the same PC or require the purchase of more expensive licenses. This cannot be calle a disadvantage of the terminal server but rather an exception for the voice advantages.

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A heavy load can bring the terminal server out of action. But this is true for machines that do not have reundant power supplies and other infrastructure. The traffic from the terminal server to the users can be very high. The terminal server must be maintaine and configure by an experience system administrator. Managing such servers is a rather Chile Email List specific task. For example it must ensure that the necessary server ports are open update group security policies or monitor user sessions that are forgotten to be close so that an error does not occur when the maximum number of connections is reache. Virtual desktop or terminal server. A terminal server is a technology for remote access of employees to the resources of one or more servers. This technology is similar in description to VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

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VDI is a virtual desktop infrastructure when a separate workplace is create for each user on a remote server. Like terminal access it saves resources on equipping and maintaining workplaces and has the advantages of centralization. The connection to BM Leads the server also goes through a thin client. Lets compare desktop and terminal server virtualization technology Terminal server users have one OS for everyone as well as a set of applications. In VDI a separate virtual machine is create on the server for each user with its own OS and software set. The user can install new programs or remove current ones if he has the appropriate access level. In Selectel VDI can be configure in the cloud powere by VMware.

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