April 4, 2023
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Handbook of the Eminent American Copywriter. Joseph Sugarman For whom For copywriters. advertisers. marketers. About what The copywriting process starts with niche research and ends with copy writing. What work nees to be done before you write your first sentence. Where to get ideas How to work with illustrations. How to create conditions for the client by text in which. He will surely make a purchase. What amount of text is optimal for perception. These are questions that you come across on a regular basis when writing advertising texts.

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The answers are in the book by American copywriter Joseph Sugarman. Why do we recommend The author gives examples from his own practice. which means that his advice has already been repeately teste in his work and is worth listening to Selling texts. How to turn a reader into a buyer. Sergey Bernadsky The book Selling texts. How to Tunisia Email List turn a reader into a buyer. Sergey Bernadsky For whom For copywriters. businessmen. marketers. advertisers. About what About how copywriting and marketing are connecte. what meaning should be put into the text so that it sells a product or service. and does not inform how to create an offer and what elements to strengthen it. how to format the text so that it becomes more readable in general. the book is similar to the sales text constructor.

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Why do we recommend If you are new to copywriting. then this book will help you start writing from scratch. if you have already read a dozen books on this topic. Selling Texts will remind you of the techniques you have learne and add new chips BM Leads to your piggy bank for creating advertising texts. Books from our selection are. of course. not a panacea for bad texts. To write well. it is not enough and not necessary to read all the publishe books on copywriting or the art of writing. The writing skill develops. in addition to professional literature. fiction. and most importantly constant practice. The more you work on the texts. the easier and better it is written.

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