October 11, 2023
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Blogging is not JUST about writing and publishing posts. It’s responding to comments, marketing and customer service. Some of these can and should be outsourced to e.g. assar. But the main responsibility for strategizing, plans and putting them into practice is yours. time. There will be a ceiling for growth and success. If you hire someone to write the posts for you, readers will definitely notice the difference. Direct. And they don’t necessarily like it. This also becomes a problem in the situation if you have taught your readers for several years that you publish a post a day. Unlearning it is its own workplace… 8.

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 If the blog does not get more than 1500 readers in the first week, you should stop blogging If I start a blog and special data write one post with the title “Welcome to the new blog” and the post has 300 words, will you come to read the same post again tomorrow? Your blog won’t get a massive number of readers in the first month if you haven’t produced enough interesting content there. In fact, I don’t even recommend publishing a blog or sharing even the first post on social media until the blog has at least 10 published posts . , spend one week editing the look of the blog and two weeks writing the content. In the beginning, publish posts every 3 days so that you can quickly fill up with 10 published posts. The rest of the posts will appear regularly once a week.

When you start blogging

Then share the published posts on Facebook. In this way, the reader has more to do than read the “Welcome to the new blog” post and leave disappointed. Similarly, you have a “buffer” in the blog, i.e. timed posts, so that you are never in a hurry and panic to write content on the spur of the moment. Make this a routine. Set aside one whole day from your calendar once a week, when you only focus on writing and scheduling posts. In this way, your buffer will grow and you will free up more time for blog development and content planning. Read more: Anna got 3500 readers on her blog in 3 weeks – Read Anna’s interview 9. You MUST be an SEO expert And not enough. It’s good to know how BM Leads SEO or Search Engine Optimization works, but you don’t have to be an expert in it.

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