February 28, 2024
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Universal composite resin

Universal composite resin to be use in aesthetic restorations of anterior and posterior teeth. To adapt to the tone of tooth enamel, these composites are available in a wide range of shades. Universal composites can be found in different formats, in syringe, capsule or fluid and are generally composites (design with larger particles and smaller particles, in this way a material is generate where aesthetics and function come together.

Composition of composite resins

The composition of composite resins is form by an organic matrix which are monomers that bond to each other through a polymerization Kuwait Telegram Number Data reaction, an inorganic matrix or filler particles (silica, barium glass, zirconium/silica) which are generally minerals that provide hardness, resistance and reduce the contraction of the material when hardening, essential to prevent subsequent leaks, and a bonding or union agent between the two.


Finally Disadvantages there are a series of relative contraindications, such as large posterior restorations, where the molar cusps must be covere. Likewise if there is not enough tooth structure to achieve retention or in people at high Brazil Email List risk of cavities. An absolute contraindication is the lack of field control, as if this is not, the restoration will certainly fail. The disadvantages present by composite resin are: Contraction due to polymerization Hydrophobic material: cavity must be completely dry for an optimal result Decrease wear resistance.

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