March 22, 2023
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Brand traffic A wellpromote brand will get to the TOP faster because. Brand traffic works for it clicks on requests indicating the name of the company or domain name. The search engine believes that since the company. Has authority its place is among the top lines of the rating. Direct entries Having a deicate audience that regularly accesses a site from bookmarks in their. Browser or by directly entering a URL is highly value by search engines. Such a behavioral factor is a sure sign that the resource is in demand and interesting to the audience.

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Messengers On April Yandex announce the emergence of a new segment in Yandex. Metrica in the Traffic source section Messengers. The appearance of transitions from chats and instant messengers also signals the search engine about the quality characteristics of the site. Since users share links then the resource is worth looking at. Return to a site not Myanmar Email List from a search The previous factor is associate with the return of the user to the site is no longer from the search results. A person remembers the resource considering it useful and purposefully returns. The quality of viewing the page of the site and moving the cursor around the screen Statistics of user actions on the page reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the resource and helps develop a strategy to improve behavioral factors.

Country Email List

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How the cursor moves across the screen where the visitors attention is accentuate and weakene which links are popular at what point the user leaves the site – all this is tracke by Yandex tools The webvisor makes it possible to record the behavior of each user on the site and get information about the visitor geolocation session time activity traffic source IT Cell Number even device type and operating system. The scroll map shows how the user scrolls through long pages where the content stops being catchy and where on the contrary attention is concentrate. Click and link maps capture the most clickable places and links on a page. This data helps the developer to improve the site and Yandex to track the artificial cheating of behavioral factors by programs that imitate the behavior of real people.

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