October 14, 2023
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Use progressive disclosure

Use progressive disclosure for text-heavy emails When emails are written like mini-essays.Readers experience a seemingly endless scroll of text on a mobile device.Even though on desktop.The email doesn’t seem long.To solve this problem.  Email designers can borrow the “progressive disclosure” strategy from web developers. This is when certain elements of the email (such as sections of text) appear hidden under interactive elements (such as headings) and are reveal only when the reader taps.

Progressive disclosure allows

Progressive disclosure allows readers to experience the email as organize and minimal and skip to the section they want to read. Overlay text on images with live text + background images Previously. Any time an email asia email list designer want to show text overlaid on an image. They had to create a standalone graphic of the image and the overlaid text.  And then insert that graphic into the email template. This works okay unless the email client fails to render your graphic correctly  and then suddenly.  Your message is missing a crucial headline. Additionally .It requires designers to create different graphics for each device wireframe. Which is extra time spent.

Designers can borrow a strategy from

Instead Designers can borrow a strategy from website developers: use live text and a background image to create your text overlays. This allows you to have the BM Leads overlaid text image automatically adjust for each device — without risking a failure to render. For example.  The royal children’s hospital us live text over a background image to create this dynamic email: Dynamic email example from the royal children’s hospital Email clients are finally catching up to website platforms in terms of design capabilities. Email designers should look to web developers for how to take advantage of these new capabilities and create more responsive.  Beautiful.  And conversion-friendly emails.

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