March 22, 2023
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Why is it better to promote the site by low frequencies. Less competition than HF The competition of requests is determine. By the number of vacancies for it in the top search results. Usually among the HF there is a real massacre. All major players are trying to push each other out of the top of. Olympus with the most popular niche. Phrases like cast iron bath or buy a smartphone. Among the LF the competition is mostly low search engines do not have enough highquality sites to. Provide relevant results for the most specific phrases.

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If you optimize the pages of a resource for lowfrequency queries search engines will quickly raise. It to the top filling vacancies with the most relevant information. Targete traffic with the best conversion. Working with lowfrequency queries is the most reliable way Malaysia Email List to attract a target audience with serious intentions. The user entering the exact wording has already gone through all the pains of choice made a decision and is ready to take the last step. The conversion from such visitors is incomparably higher than from those who are just collecting information or even got to your site by accident.

Country Email List

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Less effort and promotion costs Highfrequency and midrange queries require impressive budgets and the efforts of a team of SEO specialists and gradual optimization for lowfrequency keywords gives results without high costs and risks. There is no nee to BM Leads increase the link mass as a rule a simple optimization of pages for lowfrequency traffic and human useful texts is enough to get the site to the top. Promotion spee Pages optimize for lowfrequency keywords get into the top faster. Usually the first results are noticeable within weeks after the optimization work. It takes more time to compile a semantic core and create content for it. Quantity becomes quality Working with lowfrequency keys is laborious because their number is huge.

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