April 4, 2023
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Users Interests Base On The Groups

Working with Instagram and Odnoklassniki the service provides slightly different functionality. picture Read also How to create a cover for a VKontakte group in Canva An example of a simple audience search method There are hundres of combinations of service tools for finding the target audience. You can find your own unique option for collecting a database of potential customers for advertising for each case. But there are the simplest and most popular ways. We present one of them below. In this way you can collect an active audience in groups and communities on a target topic.

Group Search For The Target

Select VkontakteSearchSearch groupscontacts. Specify key phrases that will be use to gather groups with target members. We fill in additional parameters if necessary. ‚Äč‚Äčnegative keywords search places group public event number of subscribers geography. Press the Search button. Screenshot When the download is complete save the result to a file. Presorting San Marino Email List by parameter is available posts per day activities per day etc Screenshot Check the save options. In the example below the firstgroups are save in the previous step we sorte by activity and the most active groups will be the first in the list. Screenshot Go to the menu item Active AudienceCommunities. Paste the data from the previously obtaine file into the Links to groups field. Set the publication date of the analyze posts.

Country Email List

Audience In The Given Groups User Search

Specify the types of user activities. We create and name a new project. Click the Add Task button. Screenshot Upon completion of this task we will get a database of the most active subscribers to groups of interest. The resulting audience is already BM Leads ready for uploading to an advertising campaign on Vkontakte. However it can be further worke with in Segmento Target to select opinion leaders overlapping audiences relatives friends couples people with children etc Using the Instagram account search tool for existing Vkontakte accounts you will get a similar audience for the first social network.

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