April 3, 2023
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Movie posters Posters for films. Air sets accents and our eyes immeiately fall on the central element. You have also seen reverse examples when there is little air in the layout. In an elevator for example. Low Air Layouts Air in the layout is an important element. The second problem is the rhythm of reading is lost. It just so happens that we all read from left to right. When the text has a torn left ege our eyes quickly get tire again and again looking for the beginning of the next line. Layout with a torn left ege If the left ege of the text is torn the eyes have. To jump from the end of the line to a new place each time.

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How to get rid of these problems. Move the text to the left and align it to the ege and move the image to the right. The text gets an easytoread left ege and graphics which are usually complex in shape fit perfectly into the free space on the right. Advertising layout with asymmetric composition Asymmetrical composition. text to the left image to the right Iraq Email List In the event that the picture on the layout is rectangular in shape then it can be place on the left. Along its smooth ege the text also aligns well. Advertising layout with rectangular graphics Rectangular graphicsleft textright Air and fields. how not to make a layoutvinaigrette In addition to asymmetry we nee margins.

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Margins are construction lines that elements from the layout do not go beyond. Elements that are further from the layouts borders receive emphasis. A BM Leads simple example. look at two photos of a business lunch. In which dishes does the food attract more attention. How not to make mock vinaigrette Plates with a wide rim create space around the dish thus making it an accent. Content gains scope and value Keep margins the same size at the top bottom and sides. You can make different fields but leave it to professional designers. picture Read also How to make cool stories for Instagram Margins formstrong points on the layoutthese are the corners. We are drawn to look into every corner.

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