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It can be teste deploye or upgrade without affecting neighbors. This separation of powers provides high fault tolerance if configure properly. And opens up the possibility of application containerization. microservice architect. Containerizing microservices is the next step in the evolution of application development and maintenance. The approach allows you not to worry about the consistency of languages ​​ any microservice can. Be written in a language that is most relevant to the tasks of the node.

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Each container as a unit of software contains. A development environment code system tools various libraries and settings very convenient. But their main feature is that the microservice is isolate. Thanks to the clear boundaries of the container it can be easily move or scale for example as the load on the application increases. In addition it can be painlessly China Email List update so that customers do not feel that some part of the application is being worke on. In conditions of seasonal demand or during advertising campaigns the number of users can increase dramatically so downtime in this segment will negate all marketing success. During peak loads a container may burn out so a quick replacement from the image will be require. Now it is obvious why monolithic applications are increasingly being cut into microservice architecture.

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Orchestration and Kubernetes Is it possible to automate this process so that new ones come to replace the burnt out ones and deliveries are carrie out uninterruptely Container management prove to be a daunting task which is why orchestration BM Leads systems emerge. With their help it became possible to configure dependencies between containers and deploy them faster and easier. One of the most popular solutions is Kubernetes also known as K s. In years Kubernetes has gone from a curious solution and a side project of developers from Google to a real brand. We will not investigate why this happene but K s turne out to be convenient for developers and for business at the same time.

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