March 25, 2023
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Waste Keyword Test Screenshot

Periodically at least once a month check the page loading spee. If there are a lot of them analyze pages with a large number of transitions from the search results. If information is constantly update or adde to the site there is a risk that the content manager has registere an incorrect link to the script which slows down page loading or place graphics without precompression which also affects the spee of displaying the document in the browser. To control this indicator Yandex. Metrica is use page loading spee Yandex Metrika screen The report contains Link to the page.

The Three Stages Of Work Carrie Out

Each stage of its display from rendering to full loading. Segmentation of data by type of traffic device and browser in which the site is loade. Additionally each page can be checke in detail using the httpsgtmetrix service . This is a professional tool that is advisable Eritrea Email List for developers to use. The service issues a report of errors that are recommende to be fixe in order to spee up page loading. site load analysis GMetrix screen Efficiency The result of good SEO is targete traffic and conversions. For control we look at the following indicators The number of requests from the entire site and separately through all communication channels feeback forms widgets QUIZs calculators calls newsletter subscriptions group memberships online orders.

Country Email List

In Vain And The Waiting Time

Website conversion overall and for each communication channel. Bounce rate is considere optimal. If it starts to rise it is worth analyzing the pages BM Leads on which there is an increase in bounces to eliminate the causes. We also get this information from the Yandex. Metrica service SEO promotion efficiency Yandex Metrica screen with conversions To summarize the above to control the work on search engine optimization a monthly report on groups of indicators is require the dynamics of which reflects the results quite capaciously.

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