February 28, 2024
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What causes toothache?

What causes toothache toothache can be relate to different structures. For example, a tooth with only enamel wear may be sensitive to very cold water. A tooth that is receiving a lot of load during chewing or bruxism can become overload and present pain due to traumatic. People with reflux may experience dental erosion, which is a form of loss of structure, and thus also be more sensitive to acidic, sweet or very cold foods. Toothache can also be associate with active caries lesions, generate by the imbalance of the oral microbiota due to an excess of foods rich in fermentable carbohydrates and adequate hygiene.

Why can sweets cause toothache?

Sweet foods tend to be rich in fermentable sugar, which is a substrate for bacteria present in the mouth, which, when metabolizing sugar, produce acid capable of demineralizing tooth enamel and thus making the tooth more sensitive. Saliva has the Iran Telegram Number Data ability to regulate oral pH and promote, combine with fluoride, a process of remineralization of minerals lost when the pH is acidic, for example after eating sweets. However, when eating sweets several times a day, the pH drops many times and as a result the buffering capacity of saliva is impair, not being able to replace all the lost minerals and thus the demineralization process is greater than the replacement.

How to prevent toothache?

Taking care of your oral health by using fluoridated toothpaste, brushes with soft bristles and using dental floss is the first step to preventing problems that will eventually lead to toothache. But, in addition, it is extremely important to be UK Telegram Number up to date with the clinical evaluation carried out by your dentist, after all, this way problems can be diagnosed early, before they worsen. And the necessary guidance according to your diagnosis will be provided correctly. Avoiding frequent consumption of sweet and acidic foods can contribute to a lower risk of sensitivity, as well as avoiding homemade recipes for teeth whitening.

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