April 4, 2023
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The report displays information on the occupie disk space and the number of files containe. The diagram above shows how much space each Bitrix tool occupies. picture Read also Bitrix sites the world will not be the same How to free up disk space in Bitrix st method Cleaning the place Bitrix immeiately after scanning offers you to clean up unnecessary files. these are. Unuse files old versions of documents. Recycle Bin files that you have delete are place in the recycle bin and store there until cleare. Choose what you want to delete and run the cleanup.

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To view detaile information about the occupie space. go to Expert Mode. This report contains detaile information on all files. for each employee. tool. For example. we can see how much disk space each employee takes up. It is also possible to send a notification asking you to clean the disk yourself. Or see what specifically takes up space and clean the Cocos Islands Keeling Email List folders. You can delete files one by one. Or select multiple files for later deletion. nd method Manual cleaning Previously. Bitrix did not have special disk cleaning functionality. It was necessary to clean the place through a share disk. group disks and personal disks of employees. You can do this even now. But remember that any deletion of files must be approache carefully. especially manual cleaning. The share drive stores conversation records and files attache to emails.

Country Email List

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If necessary. these files can be delete you can download them first. For example. calls are store in folders by month. You can delete records from past months that you no longer nee. Deleting files may take a long time. My disk. This includes files that you upload BM Leads to the portal. Check folders. delete unnecessary files. Dont forget to empty your trash. Employee disks. You can also check the disks of employees. To do this. go to the employee profile and select the Disk tab. Disks Group. Go to the workgroup of interest. select the Disk section and delete unnecessary files. What to do if there is still not enough space If you have cleare all unnecessary files on the portal. and there is still not enough space. then it is possible to activate our promo code webcgbvobl for GB of additional cloud space for year which was mentione earlier.

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