February 28, 2024
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What is Intraoral Scanning?

Intraoral scanning is an advance technique in dentistry that involves using scanning devices to create detail three-dimensional images of a patient’s dentition. Dental professionals use intraoral scanners to capture an accurate digital representation of a patient’s teeth, gums and oral structures. Scanners work by using light or lasers to map the surface of teeth and create a virtual 3D model on a computer. This technology provides a series of significant benefits for patients and professionals.

What is the bruxism plate?

A bruxism splint is a dental device design to help treat bruxism. A disorder characterize by the involuntary habit of clenching or Philippines Telegram Number Data grinding teeth, usually during sleep. This condition can cause a range of problems, including excessive tooth wear, jaw, head and neck pain, and even sleep disturbances. According to data from the WHO World Health Organization, in Brazil.

What is the bruxism plate recommended for?

The bruxism splint is recommend for a variety of purposes. That aim to improve the oral health and general well-being of patients suffering from this disorder. Some of the main reasons for its use include: Reduce tooth wear The Korea Email List bruxism plate acts as a protective barrier, preventing excessive tooth. Wear cause by constant grinding. Relieve jaw pain: It helps reduce jaw pain and discomfort, which are common in people with bruxism. Prevent bruxism-related headaches: By reducing pressure on the teeth and jaw, the splint can help reduce headaches associate with bruxism.

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