February 25, 2024
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What is the ideal temperature for the freezer?

What is the ideal temperature at which you preserve your frozen foods matter more than you think. If the temperature is too low, your food can lose its properties, but if it is too high, it can end up rotting. Link copied The refrigerator is the king of household appliances because it always has to be working. Attached to him, his twin brother: the freezer. A device capable of freezing any food, preventing its deterioration, and then defrosting it and recovering the conditions it had before hibernating.

What foods are you going to freeze?

The ideal temperature of your freezer depends largely on the food you have put inside. The general idea is that from 0ºC it freezes. But that is not reality. At 0ºC the water solidifies, but to freeze fruits, vegetables and meats it is usual to need -18ºC . There are many Sweden Phone Number Data  exceptions to these rules. For foods with a high sugar content, such as ice cream, a temperature of about -12oC is sufficient . But the fish has to be frozen at -20oC between 24 and 48 hours before consumption to eliminate all traces of the anisakis parasite . “From 0ºC water freezes. For food we need around minus 18ºC.

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Food between 0ºC and minus 24ºC

If you are going to freeze foods with a high water content (for example: a pineapple), you will not have to lower the temperature beyond 0ºC. But for most foods you need more cold. Otherwise, you risk the proliferation of bacteria and Italy Phone Number List microorganisms. Many freezers allow you to set temperatures of around -24oC . Such cold can keep your food in good condition for a long time, but the risk is that you are demanding too much from your appliance . In addition to high energy consumption, your freezer could fail prematurely.




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