April 3, 2023
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The biggest problem arising in connection with them is the distribution of information. Which is carrie out without the knowlege of providers and legal operators. It also plays into their hands that the price of their mailings from kopecks to. Kopecks does not at all depend on the operator truste by the subscriber. The volume of the SMS market in the Russian Feeration . According to experts expectations. the SMS mailing market in will increase to a volume of million dollars.

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Blocking mailings of information and any data from short numbers is expecte to slow down the pace of development of this market. but it will make it healthier and reuce the amount of spam sent via SMS. The volume of the SMS market in the Russian Ghana Email List Feeration in amounte to about million dollars. which is more than last year. This happene due to an increase in the number of participants in this market and a noticeable increase in the popularity of the mobile sphere. Any actions must be confirme by direct contracts and the consolidation of legally operating SMS aggregators.

Country Email List

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Also this market may be positively affecte by the fact that legislative measures relate to the restriction of the distribution of information for which permission has not been obtaine will work. At the end of October. new amendments to the law on communications came into force. which says that the final advertiser must have a direct contract with BM Leads a mobile operator and be sent directly. bypassing various intermeiaries. This is unrealistic for the final advertiser. because there are more than mobile operators in Russia. The big three can be note MTS. Beeline. Megafon. followe by Rostelecom. Tele. SMARTS. Motiv. etc. SMS Law It turns out that if I want to make a service for my customers who will say that they ordere some thing in my online store and it arrive.

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