What will you do differently next year in your business? – I will do this

What will you do differently next .  In January or February of this year an idea for a new project emerged. Without having carried out a proper market study, I just jumped in. Throughout the year the bet became increasingly larger in the form of accumulated product inventory. Take the business credit card to previously unknown levels. Honestly, it got a little out of hand.


Going from project to business in 12 months What will you do

What will you do differently next .  I was lucky. Things are coming out. At this time we are billing between 600-1,000 euros per day thanks to the activity company data we are having on Amazon. In 2 weeks we will be breaking even with the project. That is, we will have recovered the investment by adding all the sales expenses while still maintaining a stock of more than 25,000 euros in product. We have gone from project to business even a little ahead of time (my idea was to be profitable on Three Kings Day). You don’t have to get too euphoric either. At the moment the project has not generated liquidity to maintain structure.


The market evolves and you have to too I will do this

Therefore. If you haven’t considered doing anything different BM Leads next year, give it a thought. It is dangerous not to reinvent yourself. You have to carefully analyze past mistakes to learn from them and come out stronger. I’m not telling you anything pay salaries or new investments new. The important thing is to do it. So do it.

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