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During this time, you can collect reliable clickthrough rate CTR data and compare it with the previous month. Phrases that do not bring the expectresults should be remov. However, when the CTR of a given keyword is relatively low, but the quality score and return on investment are satisfactory, it is worth continuing to use the given keywords at the beginning. At the same time, it is recommendto regularly explore new keywords and research current trends. Thanks to this, you will find out what phrases users use to search for your products. Be sure to take the results into account when optimizing campaigns and creating new ad groups.

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Researching and pausing certain keywords may be done sporadically, especially in the later stages of the campaign. If it has been going on for some time, for example for more than half a year, pausing keywords India TG Number can be done on average every two months. Please note that your Google Ads task checklist should include regular activities whose frequency depends on the performance and growth of your campaign. Find out more How to improve your organic CTR? effective tips simple and effective ways to improve the CTR in Google Ads Decrease in CTR on Google? See the surprising statistics!. Add exclusion words To identify keywords that are not relevant to your ad, we recommend running a search term report. Negative keywords can be a group of phrases that mislead users or are completely unrelatto your offer.

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It’s important to check that your ad isn’t showing for searches that don’t match your business. For example, if you run a travel agency that only offers allinclusive holidays, exclude keywords such as cheap India Whatsapp Number last minute holidays or backpacker hostels. Excluding irrelevant keywords helps you focus on the right audience and avoid wasting your budget on clicks that don’t convert. Thanks to this, your ad will not be displayin Google search results for keywords that do not apply to your offer.

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