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Using TPL provides the following benefits It is easier to understand readymade templates. Knowlege of HTML is sufficient to work with it. But there is also complexity in TPL To implement complex designer creatives it is necessary to use custom that is nonstandard functionality that the programmer writes. Categories of TPL templates in UMI CMS Placement of tpl files on hosting in umi cms TPLs are divide into categories Page Template It is a file with HTML markup and macros.

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These files are use to form the structure of the sites pages as a result they are displaye according to these templates. For example we create and assign a template for blog pages that have the same look and feel. The TPL template files themselves are locate in a folder at ~tplscontent Then it turns out that the blog page template consists of HTML markup which Sri Lanka Email List includes macros for calling various functionality. For example the page has space for a site search field. To do this a macro is entere into the template code in the place where the search form is provide. Search . Module Template These are files with a specific format.

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They are divide into different blocks some of which describe scenarios for the macro while others are use to display the results of its execution in the desire format. Locate under ~tplsmodulename. Additional macro files are sometimes place there which BM Leads are module methods sometimes they are place in special separate folders. For example for the above form the algorithm of the search operation is store in additional files and you can change the code of the operation in them. TPL templating issues Create default. tpl file in umi cms system The absence of the default. tpl file in some components most often offere by thirdparty developers. Because of this when a particular component is calle on the site an error will occur. It is repaire by creating a default file and writing the necessary code in it.

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