April 3, 2023
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However the text of these templates is so terrible that by sending them to your customers. you most likely will not attract them. but only repel them. Minuses Quite often. these programs work exclusively with Russian numbers. That is. it is. in fact. impossible to send a message to clients from the CIS countries using such services Some messages are sent in transliteration. which is also not very good It is not possible to check the effectiveness of such a mailing. and it is impossible to track whether your message has reache the recipient.

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All of these methods are free. but none of them guarantees you a message. And as you probably already notice. all these methods are quite timeconsuming. Now. we suggest you consider a few more ways to send SMS in large volumes. with high spee and delivery guarantee. SMS mailings via API integration using the PSMS service API is a special interface Bhutan Email List that allows you to program applications. With this method. you can automate the sending of SMS to your customers. Implementation stages Register on the PSMS website before starting the integration Read the instruction Connect your website or program to our SMS gateway Top up your balance and start mailing pros The spee of sending messages using API technology can excee messages per second Gateway integration setup takes no more than minutes.

Country Email List

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Minuses Only a person with programming skills can install the API API technology is more suitable for large businesses. that is. for those companies BM Leads that carry out regular mailings. Mailing with digital sender name via PSMS service Features Sending SMS with a digital sender name is sending your message from a random phone number. pros Very low fixe cost of messages from to kopecks per SMS. depending on the volume of the order. Minuses Delivery guarantee It is necessary to indicate the name of your company in the text of the message. otherwise potential consumers simply will not understand who this message.

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