February 25, 2024
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Which appliance uses the most electricity at home?

Which applianceĀ  Television washing machine, refrigerator and other appliances are responsible for more than half of your electricity consumption. But do you know which one spends the most? Link copied They are the largest consumers of energy in our homes: 55% of the electricity that Spanish homes use is the “fault” of their appliances. The refrigerator, the washing machine, the TV… If you want to save and be more efficient this is one of your battle fronts. The other, an electricity rate that is cheaper according to your habits, that is, right at the time when more appliances are in operation. You already know that the ideal is to have appliances with the highest possible energy label. But what happens if you are not in a position to renew your equipment? So you better know which devices are driving up your bill and keep them at bay.

Refrigerator: almost a third of what you consume

The undisputed “electric king” of the house. He is essential in any home… and he knows it! That’s why it has no qualms about consuming up to 30.6% of what all your appliances consume. So that its consumption is not excessive, it is important not to leave Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data the door open (it greatly increases the work of the motor), as well as not to introduce hot foods (their effort to cool them causes them to consume more energy). The most efficient refrigerator. Which consume up to 80% less than those of class D. A saving that, throughout its useful life, prevents the emission into the atmosphere of one and a half tons of CO 2 ( that’s nothing) and it saves you approximately 1,000 euros .

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Washing machine: control it with the Happy rate

In tough competition for the silver medal, the washing machine takes 11.8% of the electricity consumed by your appliances. To save on this appliance you just have to use short programs and cold washes whenever possible. Additionally, if your washing Estonia Phone Number List machine does not have an adjustable load, you should use it when it is full and at low or moderate temperatures, since most of the energy is used to heat the water. If you use it a lot, you should contract Tempo Happy Rate and use the washing machine only during the hours in which electricity consumption will be free.



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