February 25, 2024
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Which cuisine is better? Induction, gas or ceramic hob?

As with everything that affects the palate, the debate is endless: what is the best cuisine for your dishes? The answer depends on your preferences and your lifestyle. Cook how you live, live how you cook. Link copied It is perfectly possible to cook using very little energy . What is not so easy is to agree between the defenders of gas (they argue that live heat is what gives flavor) with the fans of induction (they respond that hygiene comes first) and the followers of the ceramic hob (they say that no one lives more comfortably than them). The controversy is served at all levels, from the great chefs who advocate (and advertise on TV) one system or another to the normal people who want to cook as they live. Or live the same way they cook? In any case, let the answer be good.

Induction: clean and fast

An induction cook could present himself as an express chef: today there is nothing faster and more modern for serving dishes. Although at first glance they look like a ceramic hob (glazed or ceramic surface), the magic is inside. They turn on and do not heat up. You put your hand on it and you don’t get burned . The explanation is the electromagnetic waves that serve to heat the container (instead of classic electrical resistance). An induction cooktop works because it magnetizes the material of the container. For this to occur, induction uses specific containers: saucepans¬† Philippines Phone Number Data pots and pans that must have magnetic materials in their composition (iron, cobalt or nickel, mainly). These materials, when magnetized, shake and the energy is released in the form of heat. In favor: It cooks faster: about twice as fast as a normal ceramic hob.

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A ceramic cooker is someone who adapts to his times, who doesn’t get complicated. He does not want to run or be left behind and understands cooking as a functional and simple activity: preparing food in an easy way . Glass-ceramic hobs have been on the market for a few years now. When they came out, they caused a stir among consumers and also inaugurated the controversy we are talking about: does the Belgium Phone Number List¬† kitchen lose a lot by saying goodbye to the flame? If you banish gas, you banish fire and there were chefs who invoked ancient traditions to advise against this change. As much as it may be difficult to accept, in the end it is a matter of taste.

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