April 4, 2023
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Whose Audience Has Interests Similar

Twoweek free trial period with the possibility of renewal. The service supports working from mobile devices and sending parsing results to email. It is not possible to view the archive of tasks and analyze the dynamics Limite functionality compare to more expensive servicesrubmonth Click. The community parser finds groups with a target audience similar to the specifie one. The user parser collects user IDs from. VKontakte communities with your target audience including the active part of the audience. those who comment like etc.

By Groups Of Competitors

Service is free The parser has onlyfunctionssearch for communities and users For free Retarget Search for people who in comments posts or discussions left a record with a specific phrase Saving the collecte audience Service is free Functionality is limite For free How to use the collecte audience for promotion on VKontakte. Customize targeting and Rwanda Email List retargeting – for example launch ads to a fresh audience of competitors birthday people couples in a relationship parents students or alumni etc. Send VKontakte newsletters with personal offers. Parsers are an indispensable assistant for an SMM specialist a targetologist or an entrepreneur who is promoting his business on his own.

Country Email List

Groups Of Similar Topics

If you have any questions about audience parsing ask them in the commentswe will definitely answer. And if you want to entrust the targeting to professionals leave a request to the specialists of the Web Center. Segmento target is an audience BM Leads search service for social networks Facebook Instagram VK Odnoklassniki. The data is use in targete advertising. A variety of filters settings and search methods allow you to collect the most targete audience for your business. This allows you to achieve high sales conversion and profitability.

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