February 28, 2024

Why is DPVAT mandatory insurance?

This social insurance with tax characteristics was create in 1974 with the aim of compensating victims of accidents involving motor vehicles throughout the national territory. In 2007, a consortium was establish that brought together 36 companies from the insurance sector , in order to form the do Consortium do Seguro DPVAT SA, responsible, since then, for its management. The amounts collect should be allocate in part to the SUS (Unified Health System), for education and traffic safety campaigns, for the administration of the system and for the compensation of victims.

How does mandatory insurance work in practice?

When an accident occurs with a victim, you must file a claim for compensation at one of the 8,000 service points listed. If the victim has died, a legal heir can make the request. There is no need for any type of intermediary, such as Switzerland Telegram Number Data dispatchers or lawyers, and the entire process is done free of charge. Simply present a personal document and the accident report. Depending on the coverage request, the insurer may require other items, such as proof of medical expenses. You can check the list of documents on the insurer’s website. Remembering that you must have your insurance up to date to be able to request compensation.

What are the prospects for DPVAT 2022?

SUSEP announce that it is working to maintain the service, at least temporarily, and that it will maintain the exemption and UK Email List coverage also in 2022 with surplus money from previous years. As for the future of mandatory insurance, it could move to a free competition model. This way, any insurance company could sell the policy. But these changes will depend on approval by the National Congress.

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