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The fourth alternative is sending messages via iMessage. Viber and WhatsApp . Everything is great here. in addition to text. you can send graphics. audio. video files. but the penetration rate of these services is at best . which is also not suitable. The last alternative is to use foreign channels to send SMS from foreign operators. Operators in Sween. Greece. Nigeria periodically provide good channels at affordable prices. The percentage of delivery. since this is an international transaction. often justifies all the best expectations.

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We can say that the percentage of delivery via digital channels from Sweish and Greek operators is in the region of in those moments when operators do not impose sanctions against them. Periodically. these channels are in a fever. they do not always work Djibouti Email List stably. Nevertheless. the stable operation time is . all this time these channels work well. cope. deliver messages promptly. give delivery notifications. we also did not observe any problems with status spoofing. Therefore. now these channels are gaining great popularity.

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Their price always fluctuates. depends on the euro and dollar exchange rates. because the purchase is made in foreign currency. however. the corridor of prices for foreign channels for SMS mailing is around kopecks. You can always contact our company. For BM Leads the provision of a foreign channel. The manager will advise and select the best channel for you SMS mailing is a good way to attract customers. Such notifications have been practice all over the world for more than a year. SMS is use for various purposes. the main ones being advertising and notifications. In this article. we will look at the most unexpecte ways and goals that SMS notifications pursue.

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