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Suitable for those who Nees fast and cheap mailing aime at attracting new customers. Mailing with a common sender name via the PSMS service Features The common name is a neutral word eg INFO in the Sender field. pros Low fixe mailing price the cost of SMS is . rubles A letter signature. whatever it may be. always attracts more attention than an unknown phone number High guarantee of message delivery to recipients. Minuses It remains the nee to leave your signature directly in the text of the message itself.

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Suitable for those who Ensures that clients are guarantee to receive the sent message. Mailing with a personal name of the sender through the PSMS service Features This type of mailing gives you the opportunity to insert your alphabetic name in the Sender column. The literal name must consist of no more than Latin characters. pros The letter name increases the level of trust of your consumer There is no nee to sign inside the SMS text. which means that Belize Email List you have a few additional free characters in the message SMS delivery guarantee. Minuses The price of this type of mailing is slightly higher than in other cases. it ranges from . to . rubles. for SMS. The last three types of SMS distribution have common advantages and an implementation algorithm. Implementation stages Register for our service.

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Prepare several options for the text messages you want to send out. Select the method of sending the message. with a digital. general or personal name of the sender. The price for three types of mailings varies from . to rubles. Download the database BM Leads of phone numbers. Top up your account. Click the Send button and the message will be delivere to all your recipients in a few seconds. pros The PSMS service allows you to send mailings of any size The price for one message is fixe You can choose when to send the message There is a function to set the letter signature of the sender All SMS analytics is available to you.

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