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The client base of such aggregators has much in common with the base of official operators. The cost of message from a gray aggregator is from . to . rubles. depending on the number of sendings and the status of the operator truste by the subscriber. In addition to sending SMS. such aggregators offer advertising via SMS. Black aggregators differ from other categories in the low prices provide for their services. Most often. these companies do not disclose their location. do not give their coordinates and hide behind a site designe for buying and selling mailings.

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Subscribers receive the largest amount of spam through black aggregators. According to statistics from . MegaFons clients receive almost . times more spam during the year. amounting to several billion messages. Representatives of MTS note that France Email List in the fall of . the fact that the number of incoming spam from thirdparty mobile operators increase by was recorde. The representative of the Tele operator Pavel Chunikhin notice that each subscriber of their cellular network. without giving his consent. receive up to mailings from outside. The VimpelCom operator represente by the head Mikhail Slobodin note All this le to a noticeable dissatisfaction of subscribers. which le to the fact that the operators began work on an update combination of SMS informing.

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SMS market Mobile operators MTS. Tele and MegaFon have begun blocking SMS mailings from characteralphabetic and short numbers. Also. any data from SMS aggregators that did not conclude contracts with official operators were BM Leads blocke. All these actions were explaine by the fact that there is a law that does not provide for the mandatory transmission of traffic from another operator from characteralphabetic or short numbers that were not include in the allRussian numbering plan. VimpelCom began to block information selectively. These actions of mobile operators were taken rather negatively by the banks.

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