Guide to Establishing a Solid Relationship With Customers

Digital Marketing Methodologies , such as Inbound Marketing. Guide to Have demonstrated how effective it is to foster a solid connection with consumers and users. Truly putting them at the center of the strategy, to grow and obtain sustainable results that stand the test of time. During the COVID-19 crisis , more than ever, we must keep this philosophy in mind. Since it is no secret that the demand for goods and services has decreased substantially in most sectors, both in the B2B industry as well as in B2C.

Guide to Extend the Customer Life Cycle

Logically, a good relationship with a customer email contact list is synonymous with retention and loyalty and. Therefore, increases the expected duration of the life cycle of the business relationship. In turn, this has a direct impact on Lifetime Value (LTV) , a metric that refers to the amount of profits a user generates during the time of their relationship with the company. Also, the average ticket increases , that is, the amounts that users usually invest in purchases from a certain company increase, since they increasingly feel more identified with its products or services, values, innovations and other characteristics.

Increases the Possibility of Upsell and Cross Sell

This shows that focusing on this important BM Leads factor does not. Mean giving up closing sales or generating new business transactions. On the contrary, it is a way to guarantee greater effectiveness. It can be valued as a process of strategic management of the user or client, which makes them more inclined to give a positive commercial response once a specific proposal is made. Furthermore, they are dynamic resources, which accompany the client’s evolution during their journey with the company.

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