April 4, 2023
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A photo of a person or an image of a logo. Connecte twofactor authentication service. An active page with unique content and constant updates. The minimum set of links to Internet resources other social networks. Designing entries on the page without abusing emoticons special characters and capital letters. Maintaining the page without using services for cheating counter indicators. Like all problems on VKontakte the verification issue is resolve through support png. Form VKontakte where you can apply for verification.

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The administration has the right to reject your application for confirmation of authenticity without providing reasons for the refusal. For those whose page is verifie but does not meet the requirements liste above there is a proceure for depriving Serbia Email List the status of the official page. Facebook As in other social networks the representative of the profile on Facebook must be of interest to the general public and relate to the meia brand or be a public figure. The profile must comply with the Facebook user agreementand have. name which is compile according to the rules of Facebook. profile photo and cover photo. content publishe in the profile. active subscribe button.

Country Email List

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The request for a tick is fille in on the form. If withindays you have not receive a notification of successful confirmation then apply againpng Facebook Verification Application Form For public figures meia companies and brands a blue business card BM Leads tick is provide. Companies and organizations are given a gray business cardpng Types of ticks in Facebook Facebook reminds that not everyone gets blue business cards. It sounds like dont be upset at least you get a gray one. Classmates In OK only famous people brands companies or organizations can get the official page badge. The tick not only confirms the authenticity but also increases the marke pages in the search results.

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