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Cloud databases are a convenient tool for everyone who works with a database in their services. This is an opportunity not to waste time setting up clusters not to think about the infrastructure and system scalability. However it is important to understand that the provider cannot take responsibility for everything that happens within the clusters. The DBaaS provider does not and cannot have access to client data. Therefore the client should think about a number of things including the database schema query optimality custom settings. Once I decide to watch the legendary anime Ghost in the Shell and could not hold back the tears. First of all because the frame rate in this anime is a killer frames per second for my eyesight.

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Due to the peculiarities of the anime genre the frame rate in some segments of the video can reach up to per second. I did not want to suffer so I starte to google what solution the IT world can offer me. As a result I came across an extremely interesting technology interpolation which is use almost everywhere but we know very little about it. Next I tell how Phone Number List she the RIFE neural network and the server with the GPU helpe me watch the Ghost without a headache. A bit of theory Let’s start with the most important thing with the concept around which the article is built. Video frame interpolation or Video Frame Interpolation VFI is a generic name for a number of different approaches focuse on fulfilling one single goal to improve the quality of video content by adding intermeiate frames to the video sequence.

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The essence of the approach is to take two keyframes and create an intermeiate one base on them. So in the future their total number will increase several times. Standard interpolation method Standard interpolation uses a video stream conversion BM Leads method. The technology itself is quite old and goes back to the s. The main disadvantage of the method is that the standard interpolation algorithms consist only of a mathematical model and do not involve the analysis of the contents of the frame its depth and the movement of objects inside it. This often leads to unpleasant artifacts in the processe video.

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