March 25, 2023
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There are large forums for motorists or highly specialize for a particular brand of car. The second option is more likely to attract customers. For example we take Mazda brand forums mazdaclub. ccforum mazdaforum forums. drommazda. We carry out the promotion in several steps. Registration Studying questions and problems of users conducting discussions. Recommendations of car workshop services on behalf of a satisfie client or an invitation to. A free car wash on behalf of the company. As an option sponsorship in a section or topic allows you to place an advertising banner on the site.

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Questionnaire sites They work on the principle of forums motorists and just owners ask questions share their advice and experience. Therefore you can promote here according to the scheme of forums. The most popular questionnaire sites in Russia where Zambia Email List you can ask questions and make judgments on any topic mail vorum superanswer Coupon sites are a good way to attract new customers screenshot of a coupon guide website with car services Coupon sites have not lost their relevance. For example one of the most famous discount aggregators at the moment is kupongid immobilisation.

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The advantages of using this method are that you attract customers to a car service for a percentage of the cost of the service because. no investment in advertising is require. Such web resources work according to the following scheme you offer BM Leads a product or service give it an attractive discount website visitors buy this coupon on the service to take advantage of your offer contact you with a coupon receive a service get to know your company if they are satisfie with the quality and prices they continue to contact you in the future without coupons the service reports on the number of purchase coupons. Each such service which can easily be found on the Internet has its own subscriber base of several million recipients.

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