April 3, 2023
Country Email List

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Walk through Cross posting Agree on the exchange of posts with partnersthis will attract your target audience to the group. Contests and sweepstakes This tool should be use carefully so as not to attract the typical prizes to your community. Work on the conditions of the giveaways so that the main stream of new subscribers is your target audience. Reposts Sharing publications is a voluntary dissemination of information. Between users it is word of mouth this is what you should strive for.

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What gets reposte the most. drawing for repost. usefulness and life hacks. expert opinion. promo codes and great deals. actual memes. industry news. Paid promotion of the VK group Targetingpaid promotion of the community through the VKontakte advertising account. To get into it follow the link ads or click on Advertising in the left column of your personal Nepal Email List page. VK advertisement You can advertise your community products or services and your website. The advantage of this type of paid promotion on VKontakte is targeting the audience. Advertising with proper configuration is shown only to the target audience. You can segment your audience by geographic demographic behavior and interests.

Country Email List

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Ads are paid per impression CPM and per click CPC. Please note that all advertising on VKontakte is paid through the Budget tab in the advertising account. When replenishing the advertising budget for the first time you will choose the payment method once BM Leads and for all. advertising account budget VK. The VKontakte advertising network gives us the opportunity to choose from several ad formats. ad formats Carousel is an advertising format designe as a slider. You can enter a description of the product its old and new price as well as attach an image a link and select a button with a call to action. This format works well for selling discounte products. carousel An entry with a button is a call to action.

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