April 3, 2023
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Sending SMS messages through the channels of mobile operators became a problematic exercise and prices rose. people again thought. why not send SMS via modems. inserting a SIM card there. In fact. during this time. operators have written various security systems that do not allow sending multiple messages now. as before. For example. according to our tests. almost any SIM card after SMS is blocke by the operator. and it is necessary to insert a new SIM card. doing a series of manipulations with it. Even if this process is automate.

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The cost of such mailings in mass use turns out to be extremely expensive and unprofitable. Therefore. we can confidently say that sending messages via a GSM modem is now irrelevant and does not work. We have reesigne the message moderation algorithm. Now many messages leave instantly and do not linger for verification by our specialists. We cannot Czech Republic Email List reveal all the secrets of this algorithm in order to prevent negligent advertisers from using the bypass algorithms. However. we can say with confidence that people who want to send their SMS quickly. and whose recipients have given their consent. will not wait until their messages are checke by our specialists. You can test and write feeback.

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Why did message moderation appear and operate at all. The fact is that with the introduction of the new law On Communications. operators began to fine advertisers for every fact of detecting spam SMS mailings for significant amounts. If earlier it was easy to avoid the responsibility of fines. now the operator has introduce algorithms and BM Leads mechanisms that do not allow a person to evade responsibility and not pay a fine. Psms SMS service news At first. our company receive multiple fines from the distribution of advertising. We have always been supporters of maximum comfort for our clients. therefore we do not close open registration and do not force clients to write numerous contracts. acts confirming documents. but let them send SMS right here and now. In the event that fraudulent advertising is detecte and we receive fines. we cannot shift the responsibility to our customers.

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