April 3, 2023
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You decide to launch targeting cake ads for these people but you are face with the limite capabilities of the VKontakte advertising accountit does not know how to search for such an audience. A parser will come to the rescue which will collect this audience according to the algorithm and you will only have to upload it to the advertising account and set up targeting. What services parse the audience by what criteria and how much does a subscription to such services costread in our material. At the end you will find a complete comparative table of VKontakte parsers.

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What is audience scraping and why is it neee. Parsing the audience is the collection and systematization of information about the audience with the help of special services and programs. Parsing helps marketers SMMspecialists targetologists and entrepreneurs in promoting their business in social networksservices more accurately find an audience with which Paraguay Email List a business of goods or services can interact for example comment and like publications of potential customers send messages with personal offers create advertising calls and more. The builtin social meia options for targete ads are limite and to finetune ads and save budget its wise to use scrapers.

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Important Setting up targeting advertising makes sense if you know your target audience and know how to divide it into segmentsprepare portraits of the target audience and start parsing. picture Read also How to define and segment your target audience. How to work with parsers You define audience search objectsthese can be social meia communities BM Leads products polls and other elements Choose search parametersgender age likesĀ  comments on certain posts date of birth relatives etc The service performs a search selects data analyzes the results and generates a list of users. some parsers can independently exclude bots and abandone accounts from search results Export the results or preconvert them for example from user IDs to account links.

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