March 21, 2023
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What is the name of MLAG for different vendors In most cases MLAG hides the reundancy of two boxes switches that are connecte by one or more cables. All vendors recommend using at least two cables for reundancy so that you can for example safely clean the optics or re crimp the main cable. Ports for connecting links on the diagrams are designate as peer link. Cleaning up for Stack Today MLAG is the new Stack widely use in data centers and in carrier networks. MLAG is devoid of all the disadvantages of Stack. For example MLAG solves the problem with a common control plane by declaring two master devices.

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In the event of the fall of the first master the stack will not fall apart but simply delegate the functions of the first to the second master switch. Note In fact the hierarchy at the program level has not gone away. Among the two masters there is a master primary and a slave a slave switch secondary . MLAG Pair Configurations The problem with updating the Bahrain Email List software is also solve. Since each device is independent in the MLAG stack you can update them separately. During the upgrade the switches will run on different software versions old and new . However software versions on switches of the same stack cannot differ by a conditional releases. You nee to upgrade gradually. Reliability why connect a third link The only thing that cannot be completely remove is the risks of split brain . But they can be minimize by adding a keepalive link to the connection scheme.

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It is include as a rule in management ports out of band . Through them management and control takes place the switches check the status of each other using keepalive requests. Keepalive link allows you to make sure that the neighboring switch has really BM Leads stoppe working. If only the peer link has fallen and both switches are alive the slave switch extinguishes its ports. Thus the risks of split brain are minimize. It is worth adding that MLAG has no problems with the selection of cables it adopte the third stacking option from Stack using cables with GBIC SFP etc. connectors. In general thanks to MLAG you can prepare for various traffic flow scenarios.

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