February 27, 2024
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5 Spring flower ideas for houses with a garden

Spring will arrive in all our homes, and as always, the moment of maximum splendor will begin for houses with gardens. At Bourgeois Prime, we want to help you make your house with a garden the home you have always wanted, so let’s see how we can transform the gardens of your homes with the most beautiful flowers to plant in spring. Geraniums are a species of herbaceous, biennial, and perennial plant made up of 422 different species. This flower, so typical of Mediterranean garden houses, prefers shady places, moderate watering, and a fertilizer of humus diluted in water.


There are more than 250 different species of Verbena. This genus of annual and perennial semi-woody herbaceous plants  Canada WhatsApp Number Data turns out to be ideal for creating a home with a colorful garden as well as one full of natural remedies. Its main   benefits are digestive and help in the production of breast milk. maiden grass, is an herbaceous subshrub with thin, 1-2-meter branches native to Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia. In addition to being a beautiful flower for homes with gardens, this subshrub is used as a remedy against colds and dyspepsia in homeopathy.


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The sunflower is herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family native to Central and North America. Its uses are ornamental, food, and oilseed. This flower is very suitable for Canada Phone Number List planting in sunny houses with gardens. For optimal growth, it requires about 8 hours of sun per day. Its cultivation is extremely easy; just plant nine sunflower seeds, commonly known as sunflower seeds, in groups of three to one cm deep and let nature do its magic. House with garden A house with a well-kept garden is the ideal place to spend spring and summer afternoons enjoying a natural space with the family. Furthermore, houses with gardens for sale that have a well-kept and harmonious garden tend to appreciate between 5 and 10% above their value. That is why one of the most widespread home-staging techniques is simply fixing the garden of your house.

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