February 27, 2024
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The biggest operating cost of a vehicle that runs daily is certainly fuel. A vehicle that travels 1000 km per month on average, with an average consumption of 10km/l, needs 100 liters of fuel every month, which represents at least R$360, if it runs on ethanol. For gasoline, the price rises to at least R$530, and if it is diesel, R$700. Well, a flex- fuel car when fueled only with ethanol that has an average consumption of 10km/l is excellent. In gasoline it is within an acceptable standard, as well as in diesel, since vehicles powered by this fuel in Brazil are generally larger and heavier, and most of the time they are used to transport cargo.

Actions to reduce consumption

With the average consumption information noted, actions must be taken. The first of these is in relation to the vehicle. Keeping air and New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data fuel filters up to date is the first. Filters have a useful life, and should be changed according to the vehicle owner’s manual, generally once a year. A saturated air filter prevents air from passing into the engine, which causes less efficient fuel burning. The car loses power and performance, increasing consumption. The same occurs with the fuel filter, which, when saturated, forces the pump to be unable to pressurize the fuel line with the ideal pressure, damaging injection.  consumption.


WhatsApp Number List



A motorcyclist never rides alone, no matter how alone he is on the bike. The feeling of camaraderie between lovers of two wheels goes beyond any social, economic, political and religious barriers and prejudices. That’s because Sweden Phone Number List living on two wheels is a lifestyle. The passion for adventure, combined with the freedom to feel the wind on your body, is transformative for many people. Alone, they already feel happy. In a group, happiness overflows. It’s no wonder that nowadays thousands of motorcycle clubs and motorcycle groups of friends are spread across the world.

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