February 27, 2024
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The English manufacturer Arc presents the Vector for the first time to the world, the most advance electric superbike project in the world. Five years later, after several trials and tribulations, the first units begin to be deliver to the happy owners who spent more than US$120,000 on this jewel on wheels that will be limit to 399 units. Is so much money and so much waiting worth it? Just take a look at Vector’s design. Design with a philosophy of minimalism, sophistication, and purity of form, it is a high-performance motorcycle whose style and sophistication are at the forefront of design.

The Ford Maverick lives up to its name.

When announcing that the brand’s new pickup truck would have the name Maverick, Ford got it right. Classic car lovers may even turn up their noses, but that goes away when they step on the pickup’s accelerator on the first lap. Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data The car delivers a lot of sportiness and safety at advanced driving levels. The 2.0 turbo direct injection gasoline engine develops 253 hp at 5,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 38.7 kg  at 3,000 rpm. It’s not a super sports car, but it’s enough to accelerate the pickup truck’s 1,744 kg from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. Coupled to the engine is an 8-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter. This is perhaps the weak point of this set.


WhatsApp Number List



A car’s bad tires reveal a lot about the health of its suspension and steering system. The way they wear out indicates whether everything is in order or not. These are clear signs that springs, shock absorbers, alignment, and balancing Hong Kong Phone Number List   need to be performed. Or even a simple rotation and correct calibration. The bad news is that, when the tires make this clear, it means that the driver will also have to change them, in addition, of course, to fix the original problem. Therefore, be warned: do not neglect preventive car maintenance, as the damage can (and will be) greater in the future. Below, we list some signs that tires give that indicate the need to change springs, shock absorbers, rotation, calibration, alignment, and balancing.

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