February 27, 2024
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Every vehicle has blind spots that prevent drivers from seeing who is behind or to the side. In trucks, this area is large, and, despite being smaller in cars, it still represents a risk in traffic. Every motorcyclist needs to be aware of this risk and take action in traffic to minimize the chances of an accident. One of them is to always walk in the middle of the lane instead of the ends, as many people tend to do, to stay closer to the “aisle.” A large part of the crashes that many motorcyclists face in traffic occur due to the motorcyclist’s own lack of attention regarding this fact. Not every four-wheel vehicle driver is aware of the fact that there may be a motorcycle nearby when changing lanes, especially when this maneuver is made from left to right.


Recently, the city of Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, carried out an awareness campaign with the community about the blind spots Korea WhatsApp Number Data on public buses that circulate around the city. All buses receiv stickers in areas where the driver cannot see who is behind. According to the city of Blumenau, the objective of the campaign is preventive, given the accelerated growth of the fleet and the flow of vehicles on the streets, which justifies raising awareness among the population about safe behavior relate to public transport vehicles and other vehicles. heavy vehicles traveling on city roads.


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Changing the motorcycle’s gear kit is still a subject that generates some discussion among professional motorcyclists. Use to traveling dozens Malaysia Phone Number List of kilometers a day, this is a motorcycle safety item that should always be check, clean, and lubricated. As it is expose to the weather, the chain accumulates dirt and dust, which, together with the oil that lubricates it, ends up becoming an abrasive grease. Or even, after riding on a rainy day, the water literally washes the chain and removes all lubrication. Therefore, it is highly recommend to carry out preventative maintenance on the motorcycle chain weekly to extend the useful life of the chain-sprocket kit.

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