February 27, 2024
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When to calibrate a tire?

Before even performing the calibration, it is crucial to understand the periodicity. After all, it is not recommended to do it daily or postpone the process for months. In general, the ideal is for the process to be carried out every 15 days. However, in more specific cases, the calibration frequency tends to change. This applies to vehicles that are not used that much, for example, or those that are used a lot. In the first case, the service can be done every 30 days. In the second, the ideal is to calibrate the tires every 500 km driven.

Why to calibrate a tire?

To measure tire inflation, you need a gauge. The equipment is very intuitive and can be found in auto parts stores and even department stores. It is also common to find calibrators at gas stations, most of which do not charge for the service. Regardless South Africa WhatsApp Number Data of the model, what each piece of equipment does is check whether the pressure indicated by the tire is appropriate for that model. If it is correct, the calibrator emits a sound to indicate that everything is ok. If the pressure is higher than expected, it will let some air leak until it equals.


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Why calibrate your tire before traveling?

Calibration is not only important when traveling, after all, as we have seen, it must be carried out every certain period. It is through this that you guarantee better maintenance and avoid greater wear and tear, also increasing the useful life Africa Phone Number List of the entire set . It is common for people to be more concerned about calibration right before taking a trip. This is not difficult to understand: it prevents other serious risks , such as accidents.

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